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So here it is, the Tesla Model 3

Why would 300 people wait in line for a store opening? A new iphone? The PS4.5? Nope, it’s for a car! Just like we had in the 1960s for the first Mustang, history is repeating itself, this time for an … Continue reading

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Chevrolet Bolt. Now there’s something new

After Monday’s damp squib which was the Faraday Future business-as-usual-with-more-buzzwords-and-marketing concept, something a lot more exciting was unveiled today at CES 2016. Ironically, from one of the automakers that I had given for dead a few years ago. Yes, Chevrolet, … Continue reading

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The BMW i3: is it cool?

This week saw the unveiling of a new type of BMW, the i3. What puts this BMW apart is that it is a departure from what BMW usually stands for. You see, for almost half a century, BMW has been … Continue reading

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What if the little guy is right?

Remember city centres in the late 1800s? Yes, me neither, but based on historical data, it was pretty much a mess, in a very literal way. For example, in the city of New York, the level of pollution was so … Continue reading

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Could Hybrids be becoming cool?

Readers of my blog will know I am not the biggest fan of hybrids out there. Sure, they allow to save fuel and are technological marvels, but honestly, they are about as exciting as a washing machine. The Prius is … Continue reading

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