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2012 Chevrolet Cruze – The rental car review

It is often a moment of great dread, sometimes likened to that split second before you pull the trigger in a game of Russian Roulette (performed with a Nerf Gun for Health and Safety reasons). The fact is this: Even … Continue reading

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Driving the American way: The best way to travel?

So I have moved to Canada for now, the second biggest country in the world. It also has a population of only 33 million inhabitants, which is about half of that of France. This means it’s not a very densely … Continue reading

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Do consumers still aspire to performance cars?

The news hit many Audi fans last week. Audi, in all its marketing knowledge, decided there was no demand for its planned Quattro concept. What a pity, I really wanted to see it. Not only did it have the heritage … Continue reading

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An electric future from the other side?

Let me put things straight: I am not a fan of electric cars. I think they are unemotional and too restrictive to bring the freedom and lifestyle a car normally brings. But let’s put aside my difference. I will try … Continue reading

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The art of driving a manual

Following my last post on whether hybrids can be cool, I feel there is one point I have to raise. As awesome as the 918 Spyder, or even the future Ferrari F70, will be, they do have one fatal flaw. … Continue reading

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