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Paris Motor Show 2012 opens to mild feelings again

Once again, the most famous car show in the world opens up with high anticipation, and once again, petrolheads around the world feel slightly disappointed. It’s not as if there were no interesting cars on show. McLaren showed what their … Continue reading

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So, there’s a new Golf out…

38 years ago, the world discovered that golf no longer meant a game played by surgeons and lawyers. Volkswagen needed a replacement for their iconic Beetle. They had tried previously to change it, but enthusiasts would hear nothing of it. … Continue reading

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If you could have only one….

It’s a question often feared by motoring enthusiasts. What it basically means is taking every single car you love, and choose only one. Usually, the first choice is the craziest vehicle you can think of, like a Pagani or Koenigsegg … Continue reading

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French Car Troubles

The French automotive industry is in trouble. This headline seems to be the same for the past 50 years, but here we are in 2012, and it made the front pages again. The main symptom? The closure of Peugeot-Citroen’s flagship … Continue reading

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Is Technology making Cars worse? (Mk1 Golf GTI and Opel Corsa OPC/VXR)

Following up on a discussion on Youtube’s Drive channel (which I can thoroughly recommend), I have a few points to add, following my own experience. Recently, I was very fortunate to test  drive two very different cars, yet their aim … Continue reading

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