Could Hybrids be becoming cool?

Readers of my blog will know I am not the biggest fan of hybrids out there. Sure, they allow to save fuel and are technological marvels, but honestly, they are about as exciting as a washing machine. The Prius is a prime example. Find me a car more disconnected with the task of driving and I will applaud you. It is little wonder why they are involved in these accidents, where the owner seems to confuse gas and brake pedals. The Prius really is the car for people who could not care less about cars.

However, hybrids seem to be becoming more interesting. I’ll admit, the Fisker Karma has got me curious, and I would be lying if I said I really liked the Honda CR-Z. After all, when driving in the congested city, you are always stopping and starting, so maybe whizzing around on pure electricity can be useful, and driving an electric car around town is actually pretty fun.

But still, the main problem is that hybrids weren’t fun. They were there to be practical and good to the environment. This is where Porsche stepped in and said “Hey, why not use electricity for more power?”

The result is the Porsche 918 Spyder, and I strongly recommend you watch the Chris Harris on Cars video on Youtube. In fact go watch it now; you’ll see what I mean.

Interesting, no? Here is a hybrid I actually want. Not only because of the ridiculous power and performance, but also because of what it showcases. Using hybrid power to boost performance and make a better car is what it should be all about. I mean come-on, a kick-down function on a hybrid? 100% approved!

Le Mans is starting to see the emergence of hybrids, it is now becoming race technology, and that is a good thing. They will be improved and made more fun. Sure, Honda did try a “fun hybrid” with the CRZ, but it was a bit of a damp squid. Why? Not enough power. The electric motor was used to help the small petrol engine. That’s like a Prius. But what if, say you take a Toyota GT86, which has a pretty good engine, and add a hybrid power-train to help the engine, and increase the power and low-range boost, like a turbo in a way. The electric power could be used to power the front wheels at low speed. That would be one amazing car. Think about it, drive electrically around town then go for a wild ride in the mountains, where the engine will not feel out of puff in steep inclines. The only issue would be the weight gain, as batteries are heavy.

Here’s the thing. Hybrid cars as a solution to the oil crises is a stupid thing. The only solution is an engine that does not use oil. 100% battery-electrics are not the best also, I still maintain that hydrogen is a way to go. However, hybrids as a way to improve performance cars, making them more practical at the same time, I cannot hate.

I used to not be a fan of Porsche, but with the 918 Spyder, I can only applaud them. They are making hybrids desirable!

On a side note, subscribe to the Drive Channel on Youtube, you will not regret it!


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