I’m back!

First of all, a big apology for the prolonged period of emptyness that engulfed my blog. The combination of lots of work and lack of a car made it hard to write amusing articles on car ownership or the joys of driving.
However, work being more bearable now (still no car yet, but working on it, trust me), I can now spend more time doing what I love, that is writing about cars.

So over the next few weeks, expect the following articles:
-Cars as a form of investment, is conventional wisdom wrong?
-A rebuttal to all the current marketing efforts by automobile manufacturers aiming to get millenials interested in cars.
-Are modern cars becoming more obsolete?
-More pictures as the sun is out and the sports cars aplenty
-Hybrids and hypercars, is it a good thing?
and much more!

Thank you all for sticking around, and to make amends, here is the short movie, Desire, by Jaguar, showcasing one of the best cars on sale today, the F-Type. Enjoy!


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Automotive enthusiast, Travel seeker, Whisky aficionado
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1 Response to I’m back!

  1. F4TAL3FFECT says:

    Amazing! Looking forward to more articles.

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