Flash News: New Bentley Flying Spur teased

Bentley Flying Spur Teaser

Bentley Flying Spur Teaser

Now, I know this is not really breaking news, and nothing much is revealed yet, however, from this new teaser, it looks like the new Flying Spur may be a very pretty car indeed.

Bentley is one of my favourite brands, but even I must admit that some of their later cars had some questionable styling choices, such as those headlights on the Mulsanne.

However, this seems to have changed, as this preview for the new Flying Spur promises, we could be back with an impressive looking Bentley once again! Based on the Continental GT, expect the same engines, which is the 6L W12 engine and the twin-turbo 4L V8.

More to come on February 20th!


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