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The Fury and the Challenger!

It’s early Sunday morning. I can’t sleep and I’m bored. I live in an apartment building and soundproofing wasn’t part of the architect’s or the developer’s plan. I don’t want to turn on the TV and wake up half the building. … Continue reading

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The return of American muscle – with a bang!

With the crisis the Big Three experienced a few years ago, all signs seemed to point to the end of the over-the-top cars they used to produce. Now was a time for rational thinking and efficiency. Gone were the Vipers … Continue reading

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Sergio Marchionne, or how not to lead a car company

Okay, so this article might be one big huge rant, but I seriously have to let out some steam. As I wrote earlier, one of the problems in the French auto industry has to do with leadership. Let me add … Continue reading

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So the Big Three are no more

So the Big Three are no more. Many of you are thinking, ah but that’s normal. They were too narrow-minded, and only made what the american public wanted -big SUVs-, and with eco-narrow-mindedness upon us, people don’t want their cars … Continue reading

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