The Cars of the 2013 Canadian Grand Prix

So, after my round-up of the actual race, it makes sense now for you to see how the streets of Montreal are like during that one weekend.

Put it simply (and with the exception of the big street parties), there are cars, lots of them, and very nice ones indeed, parked or driving around. With F1 comes money, and with money comes some very pretty automobiles. Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Chrysler also had some of their latest metal on display in the city. A rather dubious “1,600bhp” Bugatti Veyron was also showcased, with Quebec license plates. Apparently, it is the only modified Veyron in existence, and was done here in Montreal by a shop called Custom Rides. Anyway, Montreal during the Grand Prix Weekend is definitely worth the detour (though not by driving, the street are gridlocked). The culture definitely revolves around cars, and the owners are more than willing to join in the fun and make everyone around them smile.

Here’s a little gallery of what I found on the main streets. Apologies for the bad quality in some cases, the combination of night and rain tends to end in bad pictures.


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